Magnetite is recovered as a by-product of the copper operations. Since operations commenced in 1965, Magnetite has been separately stockpiled onsite.

Magnetite - material safety

Safety Data sheet
Chemical composition

Fe3 O4



The Specifications cover the following two magnetite products:

  • Dense media separation (DMS) - medium grade
  • Iron ore (coarse grade)

Current magnetite production is a by-product of the copper operations and as such is recovered from the Concentrator floatation tails stream by magnetic separation. Approximately 15%, by weight, of magnetite is removed by 'cleaning' and 're-cleaning' of the magnetic concentrate from the first stage. This results in the upgrading of magnetite to 66% Fe (greater than 95% magnetite). This upgraded magnetite is then subjected to elutriation, to generate medium and coarse grade products. The medium grade is the DMS product and the coarse grade is sold as a blend feed to iron- and steelmaking customers.


Dense media separation (DMS) - medium grade

Product specification
  • Particle size distribution: 85% passing -45µm
  • Fe3 O4: >95%

  • 8% moisture


Iron ore - coarse grade

  • Iron (Fe): 65% minimum
  • Phosphorus (P): 0.06% maximum
  • Sulphur (S): 0.19% maximum
  • Silica (SiO2): 1.12% maximum
  • Titania (TiO2): 1.0% maximum
  • Alumina (Al2O3): 1.01% maximum


Product contact


Enquiries from potential customers regarding DMS medium grade product should be directed as follows:

South African market:
Martin and Robson (M&R) Industrial Minerals have the domestic mandate to market and sell DMS medium grade magnetite product in the Witbank and Natal coalfield areas. M&R form part on the Sturrock and Robson Group and are contactable at Palabora sells directly to the Kumba Resources group who own the Grootegeluk and Tshikondeni coal mines.

International market:
Palabora has received numerous enquiries on the application of DMS medium grade product from overseas coal washeries.