The underground mobile fleet is made up of a large variety of production and service vehicles totaling over 100 at present. 

The production fleet comprises a mixed fleet of 15 Load Haul Dumpers (LHDs) which load the ore from the draw points and deliver it to the crushers. These are 12 tonne loaders and each produces roughly 2500 tonnes of ore per day.

Secondly there is a fleet of 3 Medium Reach Rigs (MRR's). These drill rigs are used to drill holes and place explosives into large rocks which become stuck within the drawpoints.

Thirdly there is a fleet of 2 Mobile Rock Breakers (MRB's). These are custom built machines with attached rock hammers used to break up big rocks in the cave before they are loaded and delivered to the crushers.

Fourthly there are 4 water cannons. These are much like big fire engines which are used to wash down unstable hang ups of ore within the drawpoints.

The service vehicle fleet comprises a mixed fleet of agicars, scissor lifts, delivery vehicles and trailers.

The maintenance is carried out both by Palabora employees as well as by some OEM contractors.